Financial Info


Many options are available when it comes to financing your new home. Davidson Homes works with several preferred lenders that have proven themselves to get loans completed in a timely and correct manner. We have included a standard procedure and loan tips for you below:


Mortgage Process
  • Visit mortgage company and bring the following:

1. W-2 Forms Pay stubs Account numbers for checking accounts, credit cards, etc.

2. Last four months of bank statements

3. Lender and amount owed on any other mortgages

4. Addresses where you have lived for the last 5-7 years

5. List of major assets (boats, cars, RV)

6. Copy of your most recent 401k statement

7. Documentation stating other income such as child support

8. Personal tax forms for the last 2-3 years (all people on loan)

  • Get Mortgage Company to fax or send a pre-approval letter to the seller/builder once you have chosen a new home.
  • About a month before your closing you will need to meet with the mortgage company again to align the paperwork for the closing.
  • Closing (at this point you will sign papers and receive keys to your new home!)


Loan Tips

5 Things to Look for in a Loan