Home Building Process

If you're in the market for a home construction team who can build your dream home without breaking the bank, Davidson Homes is just the team you need. We approach every project with the utmost attention to detail, providing many stylish options for buyers all across the state of Alabama.

Floor Plans

From their first discussion with our sales team, customers will be able to choose from among 20 different floor plans. One- and two-story plans are available, with either single- or two-car garages, two to six bedrooms, and two to four baths, in sizes between 1200 and 3700 square feet. Plenty of upgrades are available, allowing you to create your dream house at an affordable price.

Choose Your Neighborhood and Lot

From our location in Decatur, we offer construction in Decatur, Huntsville, Cullman, Priceville, Athens, and Hartselle. Buyers in the above cities can choose to build in one of our beautiful communities, each with its own unique character and attractions. The communities all share access to excellent local school systems and a great selection of nearby dining and entertainment options. Our helpful team will work with you to determine your preferences and help you find the perfect location.

The New Home Building Process

We'll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your new home is exactly what you want. Each project goes through the following process:

  • Select your community based on your needs and preferences.
  • Choose your favorite floor plan.
  • Draw up and sign a building and sales contract.
  • Construction begins on the foundation.
  • Framing begins, at which point you select the exterior color scheme.
  • Drywall is constructed, and you provide your input on the interior design.
  • Cabinets and trim are installed.
  • Construction is finished, and we will be ready to close the deal.
  • We hand over the keys, and you get to move into your new home!


Why Choose Davidson Homes

We place a great emphasis on total customization. We include the customer in each phase of the building process in order to ensure that everything is completed according to their preferences. With the highest quality building materials and techniques and very affordable pricing, it's no wonder that Davidson Homes continues to receive great home buyer testimonials.

Pricing and Online Loan Application

Prices for our custom homes vary with location, floor plan, and amenities. We offer a number of loan options, so feel free to fill out our free online loan application. If you'd like to discuss plans for your new home construction, call Davidson Homes today!


Choose a Community

Decide on which community meets your desires and budget.

Choose a Floor Plan

Decide which house plan you prefer and the lot.


Write and confirm all contracts.

Building Starts

Builder begins construction with the foundation.

Framing begins

You will choose exterior colors at this time.

Drywall stage

Your interior selections will be chosen now.

Cabinetry and Trim

Cabinet install and trim will be installed.

Finish Home

Your home is completed!


This is where we seal the deal and hand over the keys to your new Home!

Move in

Move in and enjoy your beautiful, new home!